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Welcome to our website!

We are a community of people in the Ann Arbor area who have come together support each other through the years of raising young children and beyond. We continually assess the needs of the community to develop programs that can meet each of those needs. 

Currently, those programs consist of Acorn Glen Cooperative Preschool, a curriculum-free, all play cooperative preschool for children 2.5 - 6; Acorn Glen Center for Self-Directed Learning (CSDL), a school aged program for children 5-18 that is founded upon self-directed learning and meant to replace compulsory schooling and supplement home schooling or unschooling; and The Lodge @ Acorn Glen, a new program that provides space for the community to meet for an array of activities, whether that be a simple play date or a communal dinner. The essence of The Lodge, which is in its development and planning stage is that when we have adequate support, a community that shares in the caring and nurturing of our children, we are in our natural element and much more at peace with the demands of our day. It is the closest thing in our modern lives to being a part of a tribe, a village, or an intentional community without having to make dramatic changes to our housing therefore maintaining our private residences and lives.

Have fun exploring, and please do not hesitate to contact us via phone or email to schedule a tour or ask any questions about the programs.

Danielle Cassetta
Mother and Founder
Acorn Glen Cooperative Preschool
Acorn Glen CSDL
The Lodge @ Acorn Glen

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